Saturday, April 26, 2008

Founder & Son Speak at Oxford, Ohio

Jim Luce, OI Worldwide Founder & CEO traveled to speak to the Ohio Chapter of OI America at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Oxford, Ohio, in March 2008. With him was his adopted son, Mathew, for whom OI's cardinal rule - "Mathew's Rule" - is named: to care for children around the world in the same manner we would care for our own. John Lee, OI Worldwide Project Officer, also made the trip to Ohio and spoke to those assembled. John is now back in Sri Lanka.

Frank Jordan, Ph.D., introduced Jim Luce, OI Founder.
Frank has known Jim and his family since Jim's childhood.

Members of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church listened to
Jim and John’s stories of building OI Worldwide.

Jim thanked members of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
for their support of OI Haiti.

Members of the Ohio Chapter of OI America
met at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

Jim’s son Mathew was present to meet
three of Jim’s elementary school teachers.

Oxford, Ohio is the home to on of the Top Ten public schools, Miami University. Although Jim's family is from Boston, they moved to Ohio several years before he was born so that Jim’s father Stanford L. Luce, Sr., could teach French there. Jim’s mother, Frances D. Alleman-Luce, studied to be a child psychologist at Miami, and Jim’ step-mother, Louise Fiber Luce, was a professor of French focused on African literature until her retirement. Jim was baptized at Holy Trinity in 1960.

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